RRANS Welcomes 1st Female Refugee | Furniture & Moving Help Needed

As you may have heard recently in the press, earlier last month we were happy to meet and re-settle a new refugee from Gambia, Jahu Camara. In four years of refugee sponsorship, she is the first woman we have had the opportunity to sponsor.
Unfortunately, women face significant barriers when it comes to making refugee claims. In countries with the harshest anti-LGBTQ laws, women are often restricted in their participation in public life and have limited access to education.
To make a refugee claim, an individual must travel outside their home country which can be especially difficult for women with limited independence. For example, travel may be impossible for a woman without a male guardian.
To read more about our newest arrival, Jahu Camara, check out these recent articles:

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UPDATE: Jahu has recently joined a soccer club, has applied for the Adult Learning Program at NSCC, and just had a job interview. She is moving into a shared apartment and will need gear for her new place.

Donations Needed:

•   towels
•   facecloths
•   pillows
•   pillow cases
•   sheets
•   blankets
•   night-stand
•   dresser
•   desk
•   desk lamp
•   office chair
•   plates
•   glasses
•   mugs
•   flatware
•   pots
•   frying pan
•   coffee maker
•   blender (Magic Bullet)
•   cooking utensils
•   dish cloths
•   dish towels
•   toilet Paper
•   Kleenex
•   paper towel
•   all-purpose cleaner
•   dish soap
•   laundry soap
•   notebooks
•   pens
•   laptop
•   tablet

Posted on November 29, 2015 .