RRANS Fundraising

The local LUSH Canada shop in Dartmouth has generously provided RRANS with a number of bath gift sets, so that RRANS can sell these items and use the funds to support our work. Get some amazing bath and beauty products at a great price, AND support RRANS' work with LGBTQ refugees in your local community!

Please Note: RRANS received these donations late last fall and because of the delay in posting them some of the items have use by dates of late 2016 and early 2017, or use by dates that are approaching in Spring 2017. Because of this, we're selling these items at 50% off their retail prices. A great deal and supporting a great cause. Win Win!

If you're interested in purchasing any of these items, please email us at rainbowrefugee.ns@gmail.com or find us on Facebook. We only accept cash in person for these items and you will have to arrange to pickup the items in downtown Halifax.

1. Sugar Sugar Gift Set. Retail: $45.95, Fundraising Price: $23.00
Use By: Feb/March 2017

2. Happy Daze Gift Set. Retail: $29.95. Fundraising Price: $15.00
Use By: June 2017

3. The Whole Fruit Gift Set. Retail: $84.95. Fundraising Price: $43.00
Use By: Oct/Nov 2016

4. Lot of 6 "Miranda" Soaps. Retail: $12 - $16/each. Fundraising Price: $7/each.

5. Lot of 2 "Parsley Porridge" Soap. Retail: Approx. $16/each. Fundraising Price: $8/each.

6. Ahoy There! Gift Set. Retail: 19.95. Fundraising Price: $10.00
Use By: Dec 2016 and Feb 2017


7. Celebrate Gift Box. Retail: 49.95. Fundraising Price: $25.00.
Use By: Jan/Feb 2017.

8. LUSH Life Gift Box. Retail: $149.95. Fundraising Price: $75.00
Use By: December 2016 and January 2017