The Cause

Canada's refugee system is built on providing protection to the world's most vulnerable people, welcoming them to our shores and helping them establish new lives in our communities. Unfortunately, many people in need of protection don't have the resources to flee their persecutors, let alone bring themselves to Canada and navigate our all-too-complex refugee system. 

With approximately 82 countries still deeming homosexuality a crime, and at least eight sentencing "convicted homosexuals" to death, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) persons are often at a high risk of persecution. Even where homosexuality is not illegal, cultural stereotypes and systemic discrimination frequently force members of the LGBTQI community to live in fear of having their true identities revealed.

Sadly, the nature of their persecution often makes it more difficult for LGBTQI people to find safety from their persecutors.  Whether fear of revealing their sexuality prevents LGBTQI persons from making a claim in the first place, or systemic discrimination follows them along their journey to safety, the road to becoming a refugee is long and complicated.

As such, help is needed along every step of the way.