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Every single day, LGBTQI+ people around the world face inequality, violence, torture, and even execution because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Today, 77 countries in the world criminalize same-sex relations and seven countries punish it with the death penalty.

It costs the Rainbow Refugee Association of Nova Scotia (RRANS) approximately $11,000 to sponsor an LGBTQI refugee, and we couldn't do it without the generous support of our community.

Please make a donation today to help us raise funds needed to sponsor and resettle an LGBTQI refugee to Nova Scotia. Together, let’s save lives.

* Donations of $25 or more are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

If you would like to make a donation* by cheque, money order or e-mail money transfer, please contact rainbowrefugee.ns@gmail.com

Please kindly remember that Rainbow Refugee Association of Nova Scotia (RRANS) is run by volunteers, so we may not get back to you as fast as we would like!
We are very thankful for your donation!



Navigating the refugee system is overwhelming and no easy task, taking significant amounts of time and money.

Once a person has been granted refugee status, they often face increased difficulties establishing themselves in their newfound community. For example, language barriers, financial worries, mental health issues that may arise from fleeing.

Your donations will support the following monthly costs, helping an LGBTQI refugee make the transition into Canadian society:

Public Transit: $100
Seasonal Clothing: $200
Nutritious Food: $300
Rent: $500